Aqua clean fabric sofa---A revolutionary technology in China

2014-11-4 14:37:53

In recent years, since fabric sofa has abound color ,vivid pattern design and soft comfort, the fabric sofa is more and more popular. If you just moved the new home, replace the new furniture, the collocation of fabric sofa is a good choice.

But there has some inconvenient point when using the fabric sofa:1.the armrest and seat cushion is easy to get dirty, and the stain is hard to clear, 2.The fabric cover need to be washed every 10 months. Normally the fabric sofa can not washed, they need to professional dry cleaning. And that easy to shrink and not easy to change the cover. 3.after we buy the fabric sofa, we should sprinkle fabric protectant spray for protect.

The aqua fabric sofa which import by Andy & Benson Furniture Co.,Ltd. With the European patent---aqua clean technique can solve the above inconvenient points.

The characteristic are as below: 1.soft fabric 2.balance the heat 3.No smell after long time use.4. Color stability - do not fade after scrubbing with water 10000 times. 5.No pilling(ISO 105-B02 >4), Anti-wear index(ISO 12947 >50000cycles).6. Super strong permeability. 7. non-glare. 8. eco-environment protection. 9.washed or machine washed. 10. aqua clean technology, super anti-pollution ability, any stain can be wiped with clean dishcloth with water.

Aqua clean fabric sofa clean way:

1. Please clean by dust collector.2. please hand wash or machine wash with water under the temperature of 30 degrees. Or profession dry cleaning. 3. When cleaning, please use neutral detergent or without any cleaner.

4. do not use washing machine to dry. 5. No bleach 6.please dry after washed. 7. Avoid direct sunlight when dry

8. No iron.

Aqua clean fabric clean step

biro, coffee, cola soft drinks, wine and mayonnaise, remove by gently rubbing stain with a damp cloth.
Looped rub-up on the stain surface lightly,(can rub-up 10000 times) remark: To avoid the fabric sofa get wet, Wet towel can not be too wet,
After wet towel looped rub-up, to make the sofa more clean and sit immediately, the fabric cover can be dry by the dust collector

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