Knowledge of buying sofa

2014-11-4 14:42:15


The furniture form is diversified, and each furniture has different use. If we can know more about it, then the furniture we buy will be more practical.

When buying sofa, you can select it from different material, color, local or imported products depends on your favor.

As local living standards improve, people increasingly rich, income increase gradually, the demand for sofa is particularly strict and selective, and pay attention to the popularization of price.

When choosing sofa, there has some points should be paid attention, here are for your reference:

Sofa is indispensable to the living room furniture, it can be entertaining guests, with family together,. And you can also watch TV, read books with it。

The sofa has one seat,two seat and 3 seat,they can be different combinations. So when you choose the sofa, you have to consider the living room space and use first. After that, you can choose the suitable matching in accordance with the overall design. And when you choose and buy, should pay attention to the following points:

To try the sofa, you need to sit on it first. If you can feel you touch the bottom, you’d better select others. No matter how you sit, can effectively keep the body is good sofa

When you choose the sofa, you need to sit in different way. If you like to sit cross-legged, the sofa seat depth should be deeper. If sit normally, too deep or too shallow are not suitable.

The sofas in the market, there looks are similar, but the material is different. So don’t buy the poor quality sofa in high price. Usually the sofa more heavier, the quality is better. The leather sofa is heavier than fabric sofa normally.

Don’t only focus on the price, some sofa has same look but use different material. It’d better judge the quality of the sofa first.

It was generally supposed that sofa with spring is good, but if there is no through special processing, after a long time, sofa may have a creaking sound . 

To avoid misled by broad showroom, so you should know your living room area before buy the sofa。




If you want a glow sofa you need to regular cleaning besmirch


Each family will have one piece or one set sofa in the living room,then people can chat with each other.


However, the sofa is the protagonist of living room. It’s easy to be dirty. How we can do?

If the fabric sofa have stain, how to clear it ?

After using for long time, the fabric cover will get dirty. To clear the stain, we can use the Carpet detergent .The way is same as clean the carpet. Spraying detergent on the fabric, then wipe gently with a brush. in case of injury and fiber, do not overexert. After dry, the detergent will become powder, then use the vacuum cleaner clear it.

When use the vacuum cleaner clean the powers, we can clear off the dust which between the backrest and cushions. Because people aren't too care about these places at ordinary times, can be taken advantage of the clean.

If just localized stains, put the basic cleaner on the old brush, then wipe up the stain. Then use the damp fabric dink spike on it to clear the cleaner, after that dry it with the dry fabric. It’s better to repeat the step which clean with damp fabric and dry fabric.

Now some of the fabric sofa, we can take off the fabric cover ,and follow the instruction to wash and send to the cleaners clean.

For leather sofa, we can use towel to clean. If there have stain, we can use the leather detergent to clean. The key is to use a little amount of detergent, then mop wipe with dry towel.

For the slight stain, we can use the eraser clear it. If the whole pc sofa is dirty, we can add a little glycerinum on the paste detergent, then wipe with towel. After that, put the towel in warm water, twist dry the towel, and wipe the sofa again. At last, don’t forget wipe with dry towel.

If too much force to wipe, will cause some leather fall off. If in black or brown, we can smear shoes paste, If other color, we can chose water-based colour which similar with the leather, then paint on the damage leather. No matter paint shoes paste or color, after that we need to smear the oil on it and wipe with towel.

The leather sofa is same as shoes, they need to smear the leather oil to make it more durable and bright.

The wood sofa is new concept of modern furniture maker. The wood sofa has nobility and graceful temperament. The out look is elegant and plain style. They are not easy to get dirty. So it will be not difficult when clean and maintenance.


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